​About The Owner

I've spent my life raising and caring for dogs; they are my companions my inspiration and my joy! I have studied and worked with dogs in many ways throughout my life from veterinary medicine, canine behavior, doggy daycare management to dog rescue. As a child I was obsessed with finding and helping stray dogs find their homes or better yet making them mine...to my mothers joy of course! For most of my life I have lived with a pack of dogs both large and small and cannot imagine it any other way. There is nothing that compares to the relationship you share with your dog or the gratitude we have for their place in our lives. I started NW ADVENTURE DOGS because I love dogs and I believe our dogs deserve a good life! Physical and mental exercise for your dog is key to their happiness. Getting out and Adventuring in new places stimulates your dog mentally and a nice long hike provides the exercise they need to be healthy. A dogs  behavior is directly related to the amount of mental and physical exercise they get. Most people work hard to provide all the things their dogs need but have very little time left to spend getting their dogs out on a regular basis. NW ADVENTURE DOGS is here to fulfill that for your dog. No need to leave your dog home alone and bored all day, let me take your dog out and give it one on one attention in a beautiful outdoor setting!